Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Credits

I would like to thank you

Richard Garriott
for creating the best rpg series of all times

Paul Neurath, Doug Church, Jonathan Arnold, Jon Maiara, Dan Schmidt, Carlos Smith
for making my eternal favorite game

Warren Spector
producer of the best Ultima games including Ultima Underworld

Mitch Aigner
whose excellent text based walkthrough back from the mailbox days inspired me to write a new one in HTML

Moscow Dragon
for detecting the solution how to play this game under Windows NT/2000/XP

Optician Dragon and Wunderwaffe
for proofreading and unsurpassable patience

Norbert the Shipwright
for his marvelous 3d maps

Vlad Romascanu
for creating VDMSound

The Tyball and Garamon text and the pictures were taken from the Ultima Underworld Clue Book 'Mysteries Of The Abyss'. © 1992, ORIGIN Systems, Inc. ISBN - 0-929373-08-1. Author: Aaron Allston - Pictures: Jeff Dee.

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