Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Level 1

Start Bragit Hostile Goblin Healing fountain Imp Jaacar Ketchaval Korianous' grave Lanugo Navrey Night-Eyes Orb Retichall Button trigger for shrine room Shrine entry Silver Sapling Stone key Solved switch puzzle Vernix Hagbard


For further information and screenshots explore the map with the cursor. Be careful - even unmarked areas could be sensitive. Please close every little pop up browser window before you initiate a new one.


This is the starting level where you will get your basic equipment. You have to talk with many people, some of them are not human and look fearsome and spine-chilling but they are not hostile by all means. Learn about the Stygian Abyss, its history and its population.


Things you must do

Things you should do

Things you can do


Click here to get a list of level 1 items in a new browser window.

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