Ultima Underworld Walkthrough - Level 7

Enter The Shadow Beast Ariel's cell Get the picture Bone Key Cardon Fiery center Dantes Crown of Maze Navigation Fintor Griffle Guards Gurstang Imp with an important hint Kallistan Lava pit Use the crown and follow the yellow path Medallion of Passage Naruto Beware of the reaper Secret door Shrine Smash door Smonden has the key to the key Spider traps Splinter keen Key to the lava pit Tombs Tyball Lava pit map


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What a horrible location. Have you noticed the lack of mana? This is the level of the wicked mage Tyball and you cannot cast spells here until you have freed the Abyss from this misguided fiend. Moreover this level is a great prison and you are limited in your freedom of movement. Be sure to have a good stock of food, potions and magic scrolls with you before you enter this area. By the way - you cannot solve this level without making a few trips down to level 8.


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